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Art and Adventure

I’ve fostered a life centered around art and adventure. I firmly believe in both as conduits to creativity and learning. Below are some recent drawings and photographs.

A morning workout vista, Mirdouro de Santa Catarina, Lisboa Jan 2017
Mount Vesuvius, all snowy and 'nice', Napoli Jan 2017
Colors and stuff, Napli Jan 2017
Another of Mount Vesuvius, all snowy and 'nice', Napoli Jan 2017
A random drawing I've been working on, Jan 2017
A classy, glassy cat, Lisbon, Jan 2017
Another random drawing.
Afternoon session, Costa da Caparica Jan 2017.
The San Francisco of Europe, Case Sodre Dec 2016.
Maybe a single cell alien?
Exploring quantum physics, and whiskey, Sonoma Dec 2016
Mt Tamalpais has reasonable vistas, Mt Tam Dec 2016
I made this..., Casa Mia Nov 2016
Another serious vista, Mt Tamalpais Nov 2016
Just another perfect day... Golden Gate Bridge Oct 2016
Not quite plagiarism, SF Moma Oct 2016
Home is where the heart is... Casa Mia Sep 2016
Cause I'm open 24/7 ? Marin Sep 2016
Zombie 'pocalypse training, Golden Gate Park Aug 2016'
A secret grove on Mt Tamalpais, Aug 2016
A quiet vista in the Sierra, Jun 2016

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