Sceptical Optimism Sceptical Optimism

Destroy All Contractors

Destroy All Contractors

Why? Cause The Big 4 Truths!

  1. Contractors live to burn cash
  2. Contractors have a short term focus
  3. Contractors tend to be designers or engineers who couldn’t hack it at BigTech
  4. Contractors are Blargh!

The Risk

The Big 4 Truths About Contractors Actually Happen to be Mostly true and therefore, you never consider using a “devshop” and actually miss out on tons of benefits that the right team could bring to bear.

The Hidden Path

I’m not trying to sell you something (this is literally a sales pitch) but seriously, if you believe the Big 4 truths about contractors, I’m going to delightfully show you a different perspective.

Here are StartupLandia, we all contract all the time and that means;

  • We love to work in the Idea to Seed to Series A spectrum
  • We love supporting the unique, dynamic needs of emergent founders
  • We possess an A+ design & development team that has for over 10 years worked together
  • We possess a verifiable track of economic efficiency coupled with product creativity


What do we want?

For you to live long enough to experiment with the business cycle, the business cycle for most people/enterprises tends to be a year, a product implementation cycle tends to be 2-6 months.

We want to own shares in your business, specifically restricted stock options (RSOs), we are here to build a future.

The Most Pro Skills

Phil Jackson knows it, Quincy Jones knows it, Miles Davis knows it.

Each of these three legends the skills that made them legends, Recruiting and Arrangement.

Step 1 - Recruit amazing people Step 2 - Arrange them into a unstoppable team Step 3 - Ride into the sunset a living legend -> Seems Easy Right ? (chuckle)

Economic Efficiency

Seriously overlooked, you’d be surprised what a few motivated people can do with a total monthly budget of 8-15k.

On Demand CTO

No one wants to tell you this but you don’t need a full time time CTO, VP of Engineering or Tech Lead + another couple developers to actually do work. You need one or two motivated developers working a 25 hour week and a single person (ME) who functions as CTO, VP ENG, Tech Lead & most important for the long run Engineering Recruiter

Relationship Longevity

I don’t bring any random developer/designer to your project, I have years of history with the Startuplandia team, each person has the core skills 1. entrepreneurial 2. attention to unspoken detail and 3. technical mastery

The Startuplandia crew consistently exceeds expectations.

Integrated Design Thinking

What’s the purpose of the design process, to not build Norman doors.

What’s a Norman door? Named after design thinker Don Norman, it is a door that is unclear if to be pushed or pulled and is used an example of how to think about everyday tool usage.

Ever been to design school? Neither have we (Kami & Ivan have), but we self educate deeply on this matter and bring the designers attention to inquiry, observation and logical completeness.

Please Sign Your Employment Contract

Yes, contract, employees sign contracts, just with different terms. The future belongs to the internet and the internet loves contractors, we will show you how to make the most of all that legalese.


A Dream Team

We have traveled many miles.

We will help you build, scale, grow.