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The Mirrored Mallard Focus Boost

StartupLandia recently parted ways (physically speaking) with the Bay Area, now, we call Bend, Oregon home.

A few mornings ago, I discovered an early morning routine made possible to me by the Deschutes River, a true gem.

  1. Notice the picturesque landscape that greets me every morning.

  2. Head outside, bonus points if you leave fresh tracks.
  3. Pause and soak up the beauty of the Deschutes River.
  4. Chill out with the locals.
  5. Walk downtown and drink a “dirty hippie” (aka, chai + espresso from Looney Beans).
  6. Checkin on a local “Duck Fight”.
  1. Walk home briskly, letting any and all thoughts surface, record them.
    Thoughts on Product Engineering vs Engineering


  2. Stop one more time to notice the amazing scenery.

  3. Go home, do creative stuff that challenges behavioral monotony.

Have a great day and reachout [email protected] if you want to learn how StartupLandia handles world class early stage product engineering!



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