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Won't you be my digital neighbor :)

The Times, they are a changin’

Wow, covid has changed how I meet new people.

Back when I first arrived to San Francisco, I met many new people constantly.

Those days have long passed, but I still long to meet interesting new people.

Are you one of those people?

So that you might better understand if I am one of those interesting people, I’ve recorded this video.

As a professional, I can offer interesting insights on

  • Living a well traveled life.
  • Living a balanced startup-y life.
  • The ins and outs of business profitability (what what?).
  • Developer Recruiting.
  • Thinking Like a Designer.
  • Efficiency focused personal fitness (traps + glutes duh!).

I happen to be in the market for..

  • Improving StartupLandia business development efforts
  • Improving the dev/design skills of the StartupLandia team
  • Greater understanding of how to maximize my best professional traits (team driven implementation & recruiting)

Randomly, you might consider..

  • I love fried chicken
  • I used to be a serious craft cocktail bartender, now I barely drink
  • I’ve visited over 90 countries
  • I’ve been to Yalta
  • I am a mostly self taught developer

If any of the above sparks a chord for you, please use the buttons below and let’s say hello in a dedicated video session.




A Dream Team

We have traveled many miles.

We will help you build, scale, grow.