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The Most Efficient Prototype

The Most Efficient Prototype

Let’s take a quick look at, a prototype recently completed by John Davison, Founder & CTO of Startuplandia.

Fanfair attempts to solve the problem of Musicians not fully capturing the value of a ticket sold significantly before a live event where the actual lived experience of the fan during the event might have more value than what was paid.

We attempt to solve this problem with a web based ticketing platform that 1. allows musicians to sell tickets to live events where 2. fans pay a reservation or “door fee” usually quite small and then during the event they 3. will be prompted by Musicians both live and in text message to then decide what they think their ticket is worth and then 4. pay using text message “I love this, 35” will pay the Musician $35

Efficiency in Action

As of the writing of this post, has about 87 total work hours applied and the following 8 general features

  • SMS based magic link authentication
  • SMS based access code authentication integrated into initial ticket checkout experience
  • Dual User class of Artist and Fan, an Artist is also a fan
  • Ability for Artist to create music event with unique shareable URL
  • Unique Ticketing with redeemable QR code based tickets
  • SMS based ticket distribution
  • Musician oriented event analytics including a roster of attendees
  • SMS based live event ticket payment system Musician SMS -> “Hey we hope you are enjoying the show, how much do you want to pay?” : User -> “Cool i’m in for 35” (system charges user $35)

A few other important things

  • A UI that is clean, has a great logo and hopefully communicates professional quality software
  • A proper automated test suite, cause dam!, untested code that does things with credit cards and stripe is a bad day waiting to happen
  • All hours worked on this project are documented in harvest and have appropriate commits from code so the evolution of the work performed can be easily audited

  • Startuplandia fronted all the time and energy required to build this, the project stakeholder will have to pay at least 1/2 of the work performed to retain joint ownership. We will probably crowd fund this soon.

How is this possible ?

John D, founder and CTO of startuplandia lives and breathes the idea to prototype phase of entrepreneurship, he has done this many, many times. He knows that sometimes, the greatest thing we can do is go slow, think carefully and not take uncessesary action. John has also spent a great deal of time working with designers and has a good ability to build the UI as he codes, without mockups and then iterate on the look and feel.

Startuplandia lives for the moment of creation, if you find yourself in need of some creative juice and an opportunity to build a worldclass product into hopefully a valuable startup, please reach out and get in touch.

P.S. - We love to build in a joint venture manner. If you have a solid idea based on connection to a group of real people with a tangible problem, we’ll front all the development and design work and ultimately split the venture 60% to you and 40% to us. Once the prototype has been made, we also have teams of skilled developers, designers and one magic hustler, all of who can help get you to a healthy Seed or Series A.

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