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Technical Creativity
StackOverflow vs ChatGPT as the Tortoise and the Hare
The Bouncy Sludge Problem Solving Framework
This is how the 'Landia rolls.
HowTo Mount Stimulus and React in the same Rails 7 App
Have Jazz Will Flow
The Most Efficient Prototype
5 Aspects of Effective Engineering Feedback
Similarities between design and cooking
Implementing GET POST PUT DELETE with Ruby Sinatra
Fundamentals of Web Programming with Ruby Sinatra
String, Array and Hash, the Building Blocks of Ruby Programming
A Designer and Developer walk into a cocktail bar...
Self Education
On Git Setups
Variations in escaping string inputs Ruby VS SQL
What is SDLC? A Simple Guide For Business Professionals
Ruby development environment setup on Mac OSX El Capitan
ToEatApp Rails-React-Relay-GraphQL Tutorial - Mutations
ToEatApp Rails-React-Relay-GraphQL Tutorial - Queries
ToEatApp Rails-React-Relay-GraphQL Tutorial - Application Setup
Sceptical Optimism
Reputation, Marketing and Growth
Destroy All Contractors
Fatherhood and the Rise of the CEO
A Tale of 2 Business Partners
StartupLandia Through the 7 Powers Looking Glass
Won't you be my digital neighbor :)
An Insider's Guide to Coding Bootcamps
Getting Hired After Coding Bootcamps
Life From MBA to Web Software Hacker
Remote Culture
The Contractor's Guide to StartupLandia
Adventures North of the Border: Remote Culture Poutine
This is How We Meetup
Toucan for Standups, Good Bye Zoom
Teamwork and the Renewed Role of Standup
How To Be a Rockstar Remote Developer
General Happiness
Training for Technique as a Route to Success
So What is Bend Like?
The Mirrored Mallard Focus Boost
How To Reduce & Manage Neck and Shoulder Pain for Developers
Many people spend their lives working behind a computer.
Art and Adventure
Fitness in the Age of Tech

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